Born in New York, NY

Grew up in San Francisco, CA

Lives and works in Prescott, AZ


1975 – 1992

Undergraduate through doctoral studies in biology  (California, Arizona, Florida and North Carolina)

Worked as a biological archaeologist  (studying bone material from archaeological sites)  and as a bird biologist


1993 – 2004

M. Ed. Certification to teach students with behavioral disabilities

Taught in psychiatric hospital



Designed and built studio out of SIPS (Styrofoam and steel)


2005 – 2011

Classes in welded steel sculpture at Yavapai College, AZ

Artist Statement

Each sculpture is an exoskeleton of dream, built to shield and to sing. Armor and anti-armor, they are often full of holes that let in light. They are bulwarks against fear, good for battles in which the best weapon is illumination.


For this, steel is perfect. It is a chameleon metal that can barricade or quiver in tendrils, bending in strong winds. What may look like weakness is, in
reality, a flexible strength. Steel has the deep ability to allow change.


I like a good tale and my work is informed by current issues and populated by the mythological characters and the poetry I grew up with. It is replete with the bones, feathers and other clues of past lives with which I built stories during my years working as a biologist-archaeologist. My sculptures incorporate textures and shapes learned from bone and leaf. Along with them come the larger lessons of the connectedness of people to their world.


The sculptures I like best appear to change as you move around them and have hidden areas requiring further exploration.


Granville Elementary School, Habitat Garden, Prescott, AZ
Washington Traditional School, Prescott, AZ
Civic Center, Prescott Valley, AZ
Yavapai College, Prescott, AZ
Sculptures are in individual collections throughout the Southwest, Texas, New York, California and Oregon.


Selected Exhibits

Fall 2014,  Juried Show,  Yavapai College Art Gallery, Prescott, AZ

Summer 2012-Spring 2013, Solo Show,  Benini Sculpture Ranch, Johnson City, TX

Spring 2011,   Washington Traditional School,  Dedication of Habitat Garden sculpture

Spring 2008,  Art Bench Design Competition,  Yavapai College, Prescott, AZ

Public Art

Habitat  Garden, Granville Elementary School, Prescott Valley, AZ

Habitat Garden,  Washington Traditional School, Prescott, AZ

Yavapai College, Prescott, AZ

Civic Center, Prescott Valley, AZ

I  am currently showing work at Sculpture Ranch gallery in Johnson City, Texas.

I also have work in various private collections in Arizona, Texas, California, Wisconsin, Florida and Oregon.